2022Nantou Global Tea Expo


Taiwan Native Wild Tea Hall

Promoting the knowledge and tasting of Taiwan's native camellia and its specific variety Shanyun (TTES No. 24) Combined with the calligraphy display at the You–Han-Tang Chinese Character Culture Center of Feng Chia University, and the music performance of the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra, it shows the beauty of the overall camellia culture


Tea Tasting :

Scene1: 09:5010:40 / Scene2: 11:2012:10

Scene1: 13:3014:20 / Scene2: 15:0017:50



The first 10 minutes for introduce Camellia.

Tea Tasting for 30 minutes.

The last 10 minutes for Q&A.


National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra Performance:

10th October 2020 / 11:3012:0013:4014:10

17th October 2020 / 11:3012:0013:4014:10


The promoting priceNT200, including tea cup and Camellia tea bag.

※    The author reserves the rights to adjust the events according to the number of visitors on the day.