Tea Lifestyle Hall

Tea Lifestyle Hall

National Chinan International University

Conversation of "Tea and Fresh Milk"

1. "Tea-flavored egg yolk cake" parent-child DIY experience activity: on-site registration for holiday picking, One in the morning and one in the afternoon, the cost is NTD 150 per person (you can get 2 Oriental Beauty Tea Egg Yolk Crisps)

2. On-site tasting of fermented tea and exquisite tea food

  Kombucha, Black Tea pudding, Matcha thousand-layer egg tower, Black Tea Cheese.

Da-Yeh University

Food Trend Management & Natural Farming (Phase II)- Taiwan Tea (TWT) Industry Rich and Prosperous Talent Cultivation 2.0 Project”

1. Establishment of facilities such as Tea-making Research Base of Dayeh University, Tea-making C-level Technician Examination Room, Tea Reforming Field, Primary and Intermediate Evaluation Training Institutions, etc.

2. GABA tea and scientific evaluation of tea theory and practice to promote achievements

3. Research results of master thesis in the field of tea science of Dayeh University

4. An Ye tea: safe leaves, tea product research and development results

**Tea tasting and several tea culture experience activities are provided on-site, welcome to visit.

YuanPei University of Medical Technology

Tea Pottery Cultural and Creative Teaching Achievement Exhibition.

Tea pottery cultural and creative products.

Tea pottery aesthetics exhibition.