2022Nantou Global Tea Expo

2022Nantou Global Tea Expo
Event Date:09th,Oct(Fri.)->18th,Oct(Sun.)
Event Time:9:00A.M.~5:00P.M.

Event Location:Chung Hsing New Village

International Tea Art Hall(Youth Activity Center)
Tea artists from various places, including Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, Dongding, India, and Persia, for visitors to experience special tea culture.

Tea Art Performance(Chung Hsing Assembly Hall)
Performance of KTA, JTA. At the meantime, the Competition of Little Tea Artists is held during the Expo. Welcome guests to join and watch.

Peripheral area of Chung Hsing Assembly Hall
Tea Cultural Route, Jing Si Tea Ceremony, Tea Books and Literature,
Teaware Vendors, Jing Si Book Store, Taiwan Quality Tea and Agricultural Product Area, Taiwanese Tea and Tea Pastry Gift.

Chung Hsing Playground and its Peripheral area

Ma La Sun-Picnic In Tea Expo, Thousands People Brewing Tea, Thousands People Brown Rice Lei Cha, Tea Making And Tea Serving, Highly Rated Sanitary Tea Factory, Rural Good Products Hall, iTQi Hall, Nantou Tea Industry Display, Taiwan Premium Tea, Organic Tea Pavilion, UTEE Hall, Sun Moon Lake Black Tea Hall, Five Sacred Mountains Alpine Tea, Global Tea and the trip of Tea, Tea Research and Extension Station Achievement Exhibition, Recreational Agriculture Hall, Industry Pavilion of Hakka Taiwan, Dongding Oolong Tea hall, University of Tea Lifestyle Gear, Award Winning Tea Tasting, Child Tea Master, International Craft Tea Academy, Charming Hall, Sung Po Ling Black Tea Hall, Tai Chi Stirring Tea Hall, Taiwan Native Wild Tea Hall, Tea Scent Senses, DIY Tea Activities, Changhua Premium, Tea and Music, Food Count, DIY Handmade Tea Table Accessories, 2020 Chocoffee Festival

2020 Chocoffee Festival
Welcome to the 1st annual Nantou Chocoffee Festival. Come discover the best chocolate and coffee.