2022Nantou Global Tea Expo


Industry Pavilion of Hakka Taiwan 

 Time pass by, the Hakka have diligently created beautiful settlements here. The Hakka develop diversity in cultures, arts and industries including food, clothing, housing, transportation, education and entertainments. Besides, they have brought forth and inspired fantastic cultural achievements and wisdoms of lives. Industry Pavilion of Hakka Taiwan will show you more stories about Hakka’s movements and reclamation.

 Themes at Industry Pavilion of Hakka Taiwan :

To share you more about Hakka and love it, Industry Pavilion of Hakka Taiwan highlights the traditions developed on this land. By explaining step by step, you can have a deeper understanding about Hakka cultures and lives.

 1. DIY for Hakka Lives and Cultures

DIY: One experienced activity about Hakka lives and traditions is scheduled in the morning and afternoon respectively every day.

※DIY for Hakka lives and cultures, material fees will be charged. You’re invited to join these activities.

※The number of participants for each session will be limited according to the orders of registration and capacities.

2. Hakka Product Display and Sales Area

We invite local excellent vendors to display and sell products featuring Hakka culture. 2020 Nantou Global Tea Expo— Industry Pavilion of Hakka Taiwan combines Hakka industries with various marketing tools for being visible and let tourists island-wide enjoy the essences of Hakka.

3. Hakka Food and Selected Creative Product Display Area

Through the display of delicious cuisine and creative products developed by Hakka shops, we will guide you to have a deeper understanding of unique Hakka traditions of Nantou County from a brand-new point of view.

4. Studying Hakka Together—Hakka Language Learning Area