Hakka Products Hall

Hakka Products Hall

As Time passes, the Hakka people have diligently built beautiful settlement villages and developed the Hakka culture,food,industry and arts including food, clothing, housing, transportation, education, as well as entertainment. It also derives and excites the unique culture and life wisdom of Hakka.Come to Hakka Products Hall ,you will know a richer story of the hard work of Hakka resettlement.

Theme Activities at Hakka Products Hall:

To make Hakka culture for more people to undestand, and  love Hakka culture, Hakka Products Hall exhibits the traditional cultures of the Hakka and the attributes of Taiwanese Hakka group. With Hakka cultural life teaching and hands-on practice, you will develop a deeper understanding of the Hakka culture.

1. DIY for Hakka Lives and Cultures.

DIY: One session of experience activity about Hakka culture and life will be held both in the morning and the afternoon each day.

※DIY for Hakka lives and cultures, material fees will be charged at the expense of the participants.Welcome to join activity.

※The number of participants for each session will be limited according to the orders of registration and capacities.

2. Exhibition and Sales Area of Hakka Products.

We have invited and gathered excellent and local Hakka industries vendors to exhibit and provide their products featuring the Hakka culture. Via our Hakka Products Hall at 2022 Nantou Global Tea Expo, Improving visibility,and to invite visitors from places all over Taiwan to experience the beauty of Hakka culture.

3. Hakka Food and Hakka Cultural Life Display Area.

Through the display of Hakka specialties and Hakka cultural relics, the public can get a close understanding of the unique Hakka culture of Nantou County.

4. Studying Hakka Together—Hakka Language Learning Area.

Studying Hakka Together—We set up a Hakka Language Learning Area and wish all visitors coming to Hakka Products Hall can learn basic Hakka words and know more about Hakka with their children happily.

5. Nantou Hakka Tour Promotion.

In order to highlight the Hakka cultural characteristics of Nantou County and promote the development of the local Hakka industry, this year, the optimized itinerary of " Nantou Hakka Tour 2.0" was launched. Connecting local Hakka culture and landscape, it presents an innovative itinerary of Hakka culture with local characteristics of Nantou County.