2023Nantou Global Tea Expo

Event Date:07th,Oct(Sat.)->15th,Oct(Sun.)
Event Time:9:00A.M.~5:00P.M.

Event Location:Chung Hsing New Village

International Tea Art Hall(Youth Activity Center)

Tea artists from various places, including Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, Dongding, U.K., and Persia, for visitors to experience special tea culture.

Tea Art Performance(Chung Hsing Assembly Hall)

PU TAI Zen Drums Percussion, Performance of JTA, The Golden Elegance,Oriental Charm, Chang Cing Choir Performance, Tzu Chi Jing Si Tea Ceremony, SiLiG Culture and Arts Troupe, Various of tea ceremony. Meanwhile, the Competition of Child Tea masters is held during the Expo. Welcome to join.

Peripheral area of Chung Hsing Assembly Hall

Tea Cultural Route, Jing Si Tea Ceremony, Tea Books and Literature, Teaware Vendors, Jing Si Book Store, Taiwan Quality Tea and Agricultural Product Area.

Chung Hsing Playground and its Peripheral area

10/07 Connoisseur Tastes from Past Chinese Dynasties Served by Tea Sommeliers,
10/08 Thousands People Brewing Tea,
10/09 Thousands People Brown Rice Lei Cha,
10/10Ma La Sun-Picnic,
10/11Thousands People Collectable Tea & Closing Ceremony,
10/7-10International Tea Mocktail Festival,Organic Tea Pavilion
Tea Industry Hall,
Taiwan Tea Flavor Hall,
Highly Rated Sanitary Tea Factory,
Taiwan Premium Tea,
Rural Good Products Hall,
Taiwan Craft Hall,
Taiwanese tea and wagashi experience hall,
iTQi Hall,
Sun Moon Lake Black Tea Hall,
Wu Yue Wu Ya High Mountain Tea Hall,
World Tea Hall,
Leisure Agriculture Hall,
Award Winning Tea Tasting Hall,
Dongding Oolong Tea Hall,
Hakka Products Hall,
Tea Lifestyle Hall,
Shen Lin Shi Oolong Tea Hall,
Taiwan Native Tea Hall,
Song Hong Hall,
Rose Tea Hall,
Young Type of Tea Showroom,
SPA Experience & Tea Ceremony Hall,
DIY Tea Activities ,
Tea and Music,
Food Count,
2023 Chocoffee Festival  Hey!Chill Day.